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Your student can have a future in transportation - a program already moving into the future with innovative equipment and evolving technology. In such a changing industry, education is key. Students can stay up to date and train on equipment that utilizes virtual reality technology to teach automotive body painting or truck driving. And the jobs are there. Instructors report shortages in almost every field - from driving to rebuilding engines. The industry is looking for skilled workers.

Potential Student

Transportation isn't what it used to be. With technology changing so quickly, it's even more important to stay up to date and train on state-of-the-art, modern equipment being used in today's industry. CLTCC has that. With virtual reality technology, the school is keeping students safe and helping the environment. A virtual automotive paint simulator trains students without releasing unnecessary chemicals into the air or wasting material, and a $105,000 truck-driving simulator allows CDL students to put in hours driving a big rig before getting into the real thing and on the road.

Employer Partner

Partnering with CLTCC in transportation is essential because these are your potential employees. Do you need drivers? Someone to repair outdoor power equipment, paint vehicles or rebuild engines? With instructors reporting shortages in almost every transportation field, it's clear you're looking for more skilled workers. The word "mechanic" just doesn't do the job justice anymore. The industry continues to evolve with innovative technology, so an educated and skilled workforce becomes that much more important to the future of your business.